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Fence Installations & Repairs

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Fence Installations & Repairs

Do you provide fence services?

Decks Repair Chicago offers fence installation and repair services. We have installed elegant and long-lasting fences, gates, patio covers, arbors and gazebos for residential, community and industrial properties throughout Chicago. All of our projects are custom designed to suit your budget, lifestyle, personal taste, and needs. We have access to a fully stocked inventory and provide the fast installation with the durable workmanship. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products at competitive prices, with an emphasis on great selection, excellent craftsmanship, and lasting results We also offer you repair services for all types of fence. Just let us know when you need us to fix anything and we will do the job in no time.  

What types of fences do you recommend and why?

While there is a wide range of fences you can opt for, we believe that each project is unique and recommending you a fence means that we made a preliminary inspection of your property and we know exactly what you have in mind. Fences provide security and privacy to your home, help you delimitate two areas, or offer enclosure to certain areas like a vegetable garden or the play area. Depending on the placement of the fence, it can give a different meaning and have a different usage. One of the main purposes of a fence is to define your property from one point to the other. A fence can also provide a safe space for your children or your pets. Choosing the right fence for your home is not limited to your needs but also to the surroundings or your property, the architecture of your house. It also depends on the materials you plan using.

Do you offer maintenance services for fences?

Decks Repairs Chicago provides a wide range of fence services, from installation to repairs and maintenance. Regardless of how well you maintain your fence, we all know that time and weather can affect it. Since there is no way you can protect your fence from the extensive rain of heavy snow, restoring and repairing your fence at least once a year can be beneficial. After the long winter, we recommend a throughout maintenance process that will give your fence a "lift" that can last until the next spring. While there are certain things that you can do yourself, like cleaning it and applying a fresh coat of paint in the spring, depending on the extent of damage during the fall and winter, we recommend you use an experienced company to do all the fence restorations and repairs for you. Trusting Decks Repairs Chicago with all your fence repairs and maintenance will not only save you precious time, but it will also save you money in the long run. Proper maintenance of your fence during the spring will ensure that there will be a lot less damage during the winter. So give us a call today and we will make sure to take care of everything for you, in no time.

What is the procedure for installing a new fence? 

First of all, you need to decide what type of fence you need and where. Choosing the type of fence is an important step, not only because it needs to unify the property and match the design of your house, but also because it needs to provide you with that security you need. Regardless of the material you choose, wood, link, metal, PVC or vinyl, each time comes with certain maintenance requirements and the pricing is different. This should not worry you because we work closely with you and match the budget with your needs in order to deliver what you request. Once the details regarding material, design, placement, length are established, we will proceed in acquiring the necessary permits and start the installation of your new fence. This is another important step in the process. The installation cannot be done without preliminary research and planning. Regardless of the construction material you choose, the installation of your fence should only be done by professionals and skilled workers, so that you can be sure that the final product looks exactly how it is supposed to and gives you that home security you've been looking for. You might also inform your neighbors about your project and make sure that your new fence will not cross the property line. Taking precautions like that can save you time, money and will also avoid any unpleasant discussions with your close neighbors. Let us at Decks Repair Chicago to take care of the installation, repair, and maintenance of your fences and you will have one less worry on your shoulders.

How fast can I get a free estimate?

Decks Repair Chicago offers you free estimates. If you need to repair, rebuild, or do a deep clean of your porch, we can come take a look and we give you a free estimate of how much the materials cost, how much the labor will cost and how long it will take us to finish the job. Estimates are free and there is no cost involved if we send one of our agents to see your porch area and give you an estimate on the work it needs to be done. It only depends on your schedule and when you have time to let one of our staff members to take a closer look at the status of your porch and assess its state. The process will not take long and you can get an estimate the same day. Just give us a call and you will get your free quote, for any type of service we offer, in no time. Estimates are free and there is no cost involved if we send one of our agents to see your porch area and give you an estimate on the work it needs to be done. Please send us your property details and a preferred time so we can schedule accordingly. We will confirm over the email or over the phone the FREE INSPECTION. Click to call  (773) 934-5141