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Wood & Steel Balconies

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Wood & Steel Balconies

Decks Repair Chicago is specialized in custom designing and installation of steel or wood balconies both large and small.

Steel balconies with ornamental ironwork add elegance to your home or business. The wood balconies will give a warm touch to your house and they can fit any kind of building from a town house to a countryside vacation home.

We design, build and install both types of balconies for residential and commercial clients, in both new construction and existing structures. We also incorporate matching railings for your safety. As long as your new balcony is concerned, we can work with any kind of materials you choose, from wood, steel, glass or bricks.

We work with you on the design so you can have your dream balcony in no time and exactly the way you imagined it. Our team of specialists will use the best materials, give you the best prices and build the balcony of your dream. 

 When it comes to wood or steel balconies, which one is better?

The main reason people choose wood over steel or vice versa is preference. Some prefer the more substantial wood while others opt for the much lighter steel. If you plan on building a balcony, the first thing to consider is the material you want it to be build with is the material you will be using. At deksrepairchicago.com we take pride in years of experience that give us the ability to help you in every step of your deck or balcony building. Regardless of what you decide to use, a balcony or a deck, will definitely be a great addition to your home.

Do you provide stainless steel balcony railing design services?

We are Chicago’s decks experts so when it comes to balcony designs we have hundreds of options for all our clients. You can opt for wood to give a warm touch to your house or office building, or for the more practical and easy to install steel, the sophisticated iron finishes, glass panels or brick touches. It all depends on what suits the building best, and how the balcony integrated within the rest of the construction, giving it a uniform style. If you know exactly what you have in mind, you just need to let us know and we will come up with the perfect design that complies with all your requirements. If you need help with finding the perfect look for your wood or steel balcony, you are in the right place. Our deck designers will work closely with you, analyzing the architecture and giving your several options to choose from. That way, your balcony will be the perfect fit for your home and your needs.

What are our options for steel grill design for balcony with glass?

Like any other steel designs, there are plenty of options to choose from. The combination of steel and glass gives a touch of modernism to your balcony, so you need to make sure that this two materials fit the architecture and style of your home best. The next step is for the design of the balcony to be perfectly integrated in the style of the house. Therefore, your design options when it comes to the mix of steel and glass depends entirely of the surroundings of your balcony and what it is attached to. Hence, your options could be limited or just a few. Either way, there is a perfect steel and glass balcony for your building and we will help you find it in no time.

How long would the installation of a new balcony take?

First of all, it all depends on the complexity of the design. And that is where it all starts: with the design. Most carpenters will tell you it is a really easy thing to do, but we back to differ. Our experience helps us move quicker, but we also pay attention to the quality of the job, so we tend not to rush things. When the first steps of your balcony project are completed, when you have chosen the design and the materials, the construction and installation phase begins. It could take a couple of days, or even weeks, depending on the size and the materials. Regardless, you can rest assured that when your balcony is ready, you will fully enjoy it and you will take pride in the way it suits your home and your lifestyle.

Do you provide repair services for wood and steel balconies?

We at decksrepairchicago.com take pride in everything we do, from designing, building and installing balconies, to repairs and maintenance. If your balcony needs certain repairs, coming to us is the right thing to do. We use cutting edge techniques and deliver high quality services to all our clients. Our staff members are professionally trained and have the knowledge and abilities they need in order to fix and repair any type of balcony, regardless of the materials used. With us, you can rest assured that your balcony will be fully functional in no time, and when we leave the job site, everything will be ready to use. You don’t have to worry about any kind of clean up, just focus on the furniture and decorations so that your can relax on your freshly repaired balcony, as soon as we leave.

Does your company make custom wood and steel balconies?

Custom balconies are our strength. We believe that each client is unique therefore, each project becomes unique. Chicago’s architecture gave us, over the years, the opportunity to expend our horizons when it comes to design and materials. You can either trust us completely with the design of your new wood and steel balcony, or you can work closely with our designers to come up with the perfect custom balcony that best fits your lifestyle, your needs and above all, the architecture of your house. We believe that a well designed balcony pleases the eyes, is functional and it is perfectly integrated within the rest of the construction. That is why, customizing is alike, a mandatory rule for us and a beneficial one for you.

What should I consider when it comes to the maintenance of a wood and steel balcony?

We believe that a good maintenance of your wood and steel balcony, will not only forestall the necessity of repairs, but it will also protect your investment and give your the possibility to enjoy your outdoor space for longer. Chicago’s weather can be quite cruel on your balcony’s like. With several months of snow, rain, wind and powerful sun during the summer, your balcony goes through a lot, without taking into consideration the human factor. That is why we believe that you should have a routine when it comes to taking care of your balcony and schedule yearly maintenance, along with seasonal care. Besides removing snow in the winter, and debris after a windy night, you should clean your balcony with special cleaner made for the material your balcony is build of. You can use a sealer and seal your balcony towards the end of spring to get it ready for the sunny summer. That will protect the wood. By the end of the summer your should inspect and repair your balcony, and towards the end of fall, you should work on preservation, because we all know how Chicago winters can be. If you need help with any of the maintenance, we are more than happy to assist you.