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Masonry Repair

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Chicago Masonry Repair Company

Do you offer masonry repair services?

Our Decks repair Chicago staff has the capability to repair all types of masonry including clay brick, concrete block, and stone. We are specialized in repointing of deteriorated mortar joints, removal and replacement of cracked or distressed brick, shelf angle and lintel replacement/restoration, and the repair and installation of horizontal and vertical expansion joints to allow movement in masonry walls. We provide a wide range of services that include blick works like replacing and laying, caulking and chemical cleaning as well as foundation repairs to all types of buildings, commercial or residential. Contacting Decks Repair Chicago for all your masonry work is the best thing to do. We take pride in working only with the best materials, top quality tools and our professionally trained personnel will use the latest techniques to complete any type of project, small or big.

Will the masonry repairs be noticeable?

All the repairs, no matter the type, are done with the extreme attention of matching the brick and mortar color of your home or building to allow for a virtually undetectable repair. We know how important the final result is for all our clients, that is why we do everything in our power to fix and repair in an undetectable way. We offer services that include installing pins that tie masonry façades to structural backup, installing through-wall flashing and cleaning and preserving masonry facades. If it's only a small repair needed, not to worry, our repairs range from a single brick or mortar crack to thousands of brick and extensive mortar repair and at a price that is competitive If you want quality at the best price on the market, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be there right away and fix all problems in no time. After we finish with all the repairs we refresh the rest of the brick wall so that there is no difference between the parts that were restored and the rest of the building.  

Do you offer free masonry estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates for all our services, including masonry. Just give us a call and we will schedule an appointment. Our team of experts designers and architects are here to help you from the first moment until the work is done. They will guide you through the process, help you with choosing the best design that fits all your needs, will go over all the plans with you and give you the most accurate estimate. Using us for all your masonry problems will not affect your wallet and we do not have hidden costs. The pricing we give you, in the beginning, is the pricing you will be charged, for the work discussed. There is nothing for you to worry about. We take care of all the work, our on-site managers will supervise the execution to ensure that everything is in compliance with the city's norms and regulations and that the final result is 100% satisfying for you. We also provide you with a copy of our liability insurance so that you have the piece of mind that you are in good hands. Don't wait any longer and contact us today! Let one of our team experts give you a free consultation and tell you exactly what options you have. With Decks Repair Chicago all your masonry problems will go away in no time. 

Do you have strong safety rules and regulations?                                      

Yes, especially when the project is for a family with children. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we will always secure the job site to make sure your kids do not have access to the construction area, especially while our staff is not present. Your safety is our biggest concern at any moment during the restoration or construction and after that. When it comes to restoration we also take into account the design and we make sure that our replacement work looks like it is part of the original structure and that is safe and secure for all your family to enjoy. Don’t hesitate to contact our specialist with any questions. We will be more than happy to help you create your dream porch and start enjoying the outdoors in no time.

Do I need to take care of the permits?

Any type of new construction, restoration or addition needs to be in compliance with the City of Chicago building norms, and for someone who is unfamiliar with this particular field, to get to the right department and fill out the right form to get the right permits and approvals can be time-consuming even after you have done all your research. That is why our staff at Decks Repair Chicago will take care of all the permits and get all the approvals we need to start your project. Moreover, we follow the guidelines and the norms imposed by the city to the letter so that you will not need to worry about any inspection once our work is done. Using Decks Repair Chicago will guarantee you that there will be no code violations involved. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also keep you away from unnecessary stress. We follow the rules imposed by the city to the letter, in every step of all our projects so that we can deliver not only great quality work but also make sure that our clients are safe and they do not need to worry about anything else than enjoying their homes. Trusting Decks Repair Chicago with all your masonry work is the best decision you will ever make. Everything will happen, fast and smooth and by the time we are done, we are 100% sure that you will add this project to the list of pleasant experience you had in your life. Not to mention that the walls of your house will look like brand new once more. So call us todfay and schedule your appointment with one of our experts. Estimates are free of charge and can be done the same day.