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Plan & Permit Expediting

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Plan & Permit Expediting

Can your company help applying for the necessary permits?

Besides the designing, construction and installation services that we offer, we also assist you with obtaining all the construction permits that the city requires to have in order to start working on your new or existing porch.

We have a team of experienced construction permit specialists that will help you in following your permits from submission through approval, freeing you from wasted trips and construction permit requirement deficiencies. We work all the time with all building departments, and we do know how the Planning Permission and Building Control Regulations department works and we know exactly what we are supposed to do to expedite these permits so we can start work on your new deck, sooner rather than later.

What if we need to make any changes to the initial permit application?

If changes need to be made to the initially submitted plans, in order to have the permits issued, we will consult you, make the necessary changes and resubmit them. This way, we make sure that both parts are satisfied, the client gets the right work done, according to all the rules and the regulation that are required by the city. When we leave, you will have a fully functional, safe and beautiful deck to enjoy with family and friends, without being worried if it will pass the City inspection. All our projects are completed in full compliance with the norms, rules and regulations City has, so that there will be no issue at any given moment.

What exactly is permit expediting and how does it work?

Permit expediting gives homeowners the same change realtors and contractors have. The secret weapon in getting the necessary permits faster so that they can enjoy a finished project, earlier rather than later. The secret weapon is to hire building permit expediters to help with the projects that need to get to the City before getting approves and permits released. These buildings permit expediters are consultants who take on the behind-the-scenes role and do the work for you. Over the years, we at Decks Repair Chicago learned some stuff and we like to take care of the permits ourselves, but in the same manner: fast and secure.

What type of services do you expedite permits for?

Deck Repair Chicago offers to expedite permits all our types of services from build and design to remodel and restore and code violation corrections for any type of deck. Our experienced staff can help you get the permits and approvals for building your new deck or repair and refresh your old one. No matter how unique your plan is, our team of experts can pull it together and you can enjoy your new deck in no time. We are also specialized in multi-level porch construction permit expediting. We will guide you through all the process of building your multilevel porch according to the City of Chicago regulations. We apply for all the necessary permits and we take care of all the paperwork needed to get the work done.

All your services follow the same steps?

Yes. The same goes for rooftop decks construction. Whenever we are asked to build such a deck we start by making sure that the particular roof is strong enough to support an average weight of 55 lbs. per square foot. If it is, we can make the plans, get all the paperwork and permits ready and start the deck construction. The permit expediting service plays an important role in a construction of restoration projects because even though the plans are in place, the project cannot start without City's approval. So for us, and for all our clients alike, being able to get the permits approved earlier rather than later means time saved that can be invested in the next steps of the project so that we can finish everything earlier and you and your friends can enjoy the outdoors on your new deck.

How can I get an estimate for a new deck design and construction?

You can either call us or access the "get an estimate" tab on our website. However, that would be a rough estimate. For a more accurate one, we will need to come and see the project place, surroundings, discuss with you the materials and primarily, make sure that a deck is suitable for your home or office building. Since you have so many designs to choose from, and countless mix and match possibilities, we are sure that we can find the deck design that best fits your needs. So do not hesitate to contact us with all your porch related questions and our professional staff will be more than happy to assist you with everything. With Decks Repair Chicago you and your family will be able to enjoy your new deck and the outdoors in no time. Make sure you give us a call today so that we can give you a free estimate as soon as possible. 

How fast can we get the permits?

Our response will always be: as fast as possible. If you need to repair, rebuild, or do a deep clean of your porch, we can come take a look and we give you a free estimate of how much the materials cost, how much the labor will cost and how long it will take us to finish the job. Estimates are free and there is no cost involved if we send one of our agents to see your porch area and give you an estimate on the work it needs to be done. It only depends on your schedule and when you have time to let one of our staff members to take a closer look at the status of your porch and assess its state. The process will not take long and you can get an estimate the same day. After the estimate, the planning comes in place and once that step is completed too, we can apply for permits right away. The sooner we apply for permits, the faster we can start working on the new project.